Camp Graduate Accomplishment List

MLB Staff Umpires

  • Marvin Hudson

Camp Graduates that have umpired MLB Regular Season games 

  • Darren Spagnardi 
  • Matthew Hollowell 
  • Mark Barron 
  • Michael Estabrook 
  • R.J. Thompson 
  • Kevin Causey 
  • Damien Beal 
  • Vince Carapazza

Division 1 College World Series 

  • Paul Guillie 
  • Steve Manders 
  • Jack Cox 
  • Scott Erby 
  • Ken Eldridge

Division II College World Series 

  • Eric Johansen 
  • Mike Gallagher

Division III College World Series

  • Kevin Elzey

Junior College World Series

  • Billy Pittman 
  • Scott Erby

NAIA World Series

  • Darion Padgett 
  • Craig Mirr

Stan Musial World Series 

  • Mike Gallagher 
  • Jack Martin

Connie Mack World Series 

  • Darion Padgett 
  • Kevin Elzey 
  • Jack Martin

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