Umpire Association Discounts

The Southern and International umpire camps offers the following discounts to any level of umpire associations that wish to register students in groups of four or more.

What a great way to take advantage of the camps at tremendous savings and improve the quality of umpiring for your association.

To qualify for these discounts, registration and payment must be completed as follows:

  1. A completed and signed registration form for each umpire attending.
  2. On each registration form write the name of the association on the top line of the umpire experience area.
  3. Enclose the proper deposit ($295.00 for local students / $345.00 for out of town students) for each student registering (separate checks may be enclosed or paid in one check).
  4. All completed registration forms and payments must be submitted in one envelope to the camp address.
  5. Discounts only apply to tuition as a local or out of town students and may only be transferred to another umpire that is a member of that association
  6. The discount will be applied to the balance due portion for each student.
  7. Discounts are available to any level of umpire association (i.e.: youth, HS, College, etc.)


Note: Discounts apply only to the Southern Umpires Camp

  • 4-5 UMPIRES $50.00 (per student)
  • 6-9 UMPIRES $75.00 (per student)
  • 10 or MORE UMPIRES $100.00 (per student)

To find out more about this great idea contact us at:

PO Box 450241, Atlanta, GA 31145

or e-mail us at: